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Friendo Sound - Eric Friend

Friendo Sound is an audio post production facility for feature films, shorts, documentary, broadcast, commercials, and the web. We are located in the Arts + Labor creative hub of filmmakers and media producers in Austin TX.

Feel free to contact us for rates and services we can provide for your project.

Eric Friend started working on films as a child in Michigan. He learned filmmaking from his father, and created animated short films throughout high school. Eric moved to Austin Texas in 1993 to attend the University of Texas Radio/ Television/ Film program and immediately began working for Richard Linklater’s Detour Filmproductions. While at Detour, Eric met Mike Judge and began recording Mike’s voice for Beavis and Butt-Head. He continued recording, editing, animating, and maintaining Mike’s Protools recording studio and Avid editing suites for the next 16 years.

In 2009 Eric opened Friendo Sound, a 5.1 mix facility to work on independent feature films, television shows, broadcast commercials, web content, live action and animated shorts.

As a composer and performer, Eric studied piano in Michigan with legendary soul/jazz/funk pianist Eddie Russ and the great Dr. Morris Lawrence at Washtenaw Community College. From 2000-2003, Eric played keyboards and toured with the band Spoon. Currently Eric plays keyboards with The Reivers, and his compositions have been featured in nationally broadcast documentaries, television commercials, and radio ads.

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  • Feature films
  • Shorts
  • Documentary
  • TV
  • Web
Sound Design
  • Audio Editing
  • Sound restoration, cleaning, and noise removal
  • Foley recording and editing
  • Originally Recorded Sound FX library
  • Custom Sound FX Creation

Voice Recording
  • Voice-over recording and editing
  • ADR
  • Original Music library
  • Scoring
  • Recording

News Latest Posts

The Alligator and The Grownups at SXSW

One of the great things about having an office at Arts and Labor is working with talented filmmakers on their personal projects. We have all been collaborating on each other’s short films. This year, 2 of the short films will be showing at SXSW, “The Alligator,” written and directed by Jeff Marrow, and “The Grownups” directed by Jason Wehling. I operated the boom mic, and mixed the audio for both of these films. I also composed music for “The Alligator.” The music in “The Grownups” is by the The Militant Babies. “The Alligator” is a cute story about an awkward first date. “The Grownups” began as a submission to the 48 hour film competition. It won many awards including best film(!) Check them out! You can view my SXSW schedule here: http://my.sxsw.com/user/schedule/efriendo

AFF 2012: Spring Eddy & The Secret Keeper

I will have to double up on the last 2 films because AFF is starting! Finally there will be the premiere of Spring Eddy, a West Texas romantic comedy directed by George Anson. In the shorts program will be The Secret Keeper by Bears Fonte. A sci fi short that could be from the Twilight Zone.

AFF 2012: Pictures of Superheroes

Here's a funny, dark comedy by Don Swaynos called Pictures of Superheroes. I can't wait to see this in a theater with an audience. Lots of friends involved in this one as well.

AFF 2012: Flataland 2: Sphereland

Next up on the countdown to AFF is a great movie by Dano Johnson and Seth Caplan. Flatland 2: Sphereland. An educational animated movie that involves math and is based on a sci-fi novel. My son is a big fan of Flatland, but hasn't seen this sequel yet. Kid friendly, so bring the family!

AFF 2012: Saturday Morning Massacre

Go check out the scooby-influenced Saturday Morning Massacre, directed by Spencer Parsons. So many friends involved in this film, it will be a fun late night screening.

AFF 2012: Independent Filmmaking - Production through Post

This week is the Austin Film Festival, and I will be speaking on a panel titled "Independent Filmmaking- Production through Post." There are also 5 films that are playing the festival and were mixed at Friendo Sound(!) I will be posting each of these here this week.

Portrait of Wally

Portrait of Wally opens Friday, September 7th at the Violet Crown Cinema in Austin. I highly recommend! Sound design/ mix by Friendo Sound.

Yahoo! Short

Friendo Sound helped with sound design on another Yahoo! short. This time in collaboration with Collection Agency Films. Check it out.

Lego Wire

Another awesome short by Joe Nicolosi... Lego Wire(!) Voice recording and sound design by Friendo Sound.

Flatland 2: Sphereland

We just finished the final mix on Flatland 2: Sphereland! This film was a lot of fun. I was able to create sound fx for the 4th dimension... and beyond(!) Minds were blown.


Fourplay will be premiering this Sunday in San Francisco at the Frameline Film Festival. Adventurous friends should check it out. Mix by Friendo Sound. Kyle Henry, Paul Soileau, and Chloe in attendance.

Recording Foley…

Recording Foley for Pictures of Superheroes!

Cinema Six premieres!

Cinema Six premieres this Friday the 13th at the Dallas International Film Festival. It's kinda like "My Dog Skip" meets "Precious."

Tillamook Cheese

Check out these ads for Tillamook cheese. Audio mixed at Friendo Sound. Directed by Joe Nicolosi.

10 Doggie Kisses

Friendo Sound worked with the animation studio Magnetic Dreams, and author Todd Parr for this short on Sesame Street. I created the music, sound design, and mix. Special thanks to all the talented kids who performed the voiceover! This was a lot of fun. It is called "10 Doggie Kisses".

The Happy Poet premieres

I recently finished mixing the feature film, The Happy Poet. It is a really funny film with a great script and cast. The movie is about a guy who opens an organic vegetarian food stand and the trouble he finds in keeping his business profitable. The original score was written and performed by the director Paul Gordon and the actor Jonny Mars on an old upright piano. I expanded on the original composition for a couple of scenes and montages. It will be premiering at the SXSW Film Festival on Sunday March 14th at 2pm at the Alamo Ritz. It will also show on March 15th at 5pm and March 18th at 6:15pm, both at the Alamo Ritz. Check it out! http://happypoetmovie.com/

Friendo Sound goes Surround!

I have finally made the upgrade to 5.1 surround sound! I have been putting it off for a long time, but I can now officially mix for Dolby Pro Logic encoding. It’s was a long and complicated project, but it’s sounding nice. You can now feel the bass with the subwoofer… ha ha.

Quadrangle at Sundance

December and January were busy working on Amy Grappell’s amazing documentary short, Quadrangle. It is a story about her parent’s group marriage in the 1970s. She interviewed them for research into a narrative feature and Christian Moore filmed the interviews. She ended up editing the footage together with Aaron Raff to create a dual screen art installation piece that showed at local art galleries and museums. When the film was accepted to Sundance, I began working on the sound design and mix. Original music by Sean Eden and Courtney Saunders. Special thanks to Tom Hammond for letting us listen to the mix in his excellent room. It turned out great and received an honorable mention at the Sundance festival. Congrats everybody! It will be playing again at the SXSW film festival, so go check it out!

New Blog!

Wow.. I never thought that I would start a blog, but there are so many things to share. More to follow… now it is time to sleep…. zzzz

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